The Reactor Part 2: Because It Reacts

Once Glyph had asked me "Do you know why the reactor is called a reactor?"
I could only think of one very simple (too simple, perhaps) answer and concluded that maybe I'm just not wise enough to come up with something more insightful. But as it turned out, it ...

PyCon 2013: Down the Rabbit Hole

So there was PyCon. And there was me.

Now there are two ways in which I can tell you how it was. I can use some really big words and give you a dry report of events. But that’s boring, and there’s enough boring stuff out there.

“Speak ...

The Thing That Runs Your Python

(This post is mostly based on a discussion that took place on IRC, when I investigated what PyPy is, with excellent inputs from glyph and fijal)


Before we get to PyPy, we need to understand what the implementation of a language means.
A program that interprets the programs you ...

Build something, Maybe?

It's been a few weeks since my internship with Twisted came to an end, and did I mention I just released Twisted 12.2.0?

The thing about GSoC (and other such programs) is, well... it's a conspiracy! It hardly is just a summer of code. It ends ...