Open Source Retreat: Afterword

As I wrap up my time with Stripe's Open Source Retreat, I have quite some things to be thankful for. (Also, I just always wanted to give a thank-you speech.) So here goes:

I am grateful to Glyph Lefkowitz, Ying Li, and Christopher Armstrong for their long-suffering patience and support. Thanks also to Allen Short, who coaxed work out of me when I badly needed to feel capable of it.

I would like to thank Jessica McKellar, for being generally and specifically brilliant, for teaching me how to be a meticulous manager, and for helping me find my things when I lost them in a scary building.

I am grateful to Stripe, for giving me a place to be. And the monitor. To all the people there who showed me where the good coffee is hidden: thank you! Thanks too to those who went climbing with me, pretended to not hear me when I said I wanted to stop, and patiently helped me improve.

Thanks to friends near and far -- for helping me deal with dead things, for teaching me all about alligators and crocodiles, and for helping me pronounce words correctly.

I am grateful to the authors of the good books I steal phrases from.

And lastly, I am grateful to my family, for spoiling me always.